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Hello, I was wondering if you also have something like fanfic recs list, because lately I've been craving some good MakoHaru or whatever involving the sunshine Makoto and I was unable to find anything good, so I came to a conclusion that you could have read something good that you could share with us? If not, it's ok. Well, have a nice day and thanks <3 (Also, I love your MakoHaru art, it makes my heart go doki doki <3)


Ahhh I have a lot in fact! Most of them are SFW though so if you’re all good with fluffly MakoHaru then I am your man. B) Some are oneshots some are not but I love them all. <3

I could go on and on and on because I have so much bookmarked :))) But the list is getting rather long but if you need more, I won’t hesitate to continue the list. So many fluffy MakoHaru fics out there OTL Someone should stop these writers for making such amazing fics OTL butpleasedogoonmakemore

Oh and thank you for liking my MakoHaru art! That’s the only way I can contribute to this beautiful fandom OTL

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